Board of Directors - Team Leaders

Ms. Sonu Pareek, Chairperson

Mr. Raj Dugal, Vice Chair

Mr. Susan Kulkarni, Treasurer 

Ms. Meherrnaz Balaporia, Secretary 

Ms. Nancy Heykes, Past Chairperson

Ms. Sridevi Buddi, Past President


Board of Directors - Members

Sandhya Maheshwari

Oliver Zornow

Anu Verma

Sahin Shivaram

VC Attota

Shivani Devgun

Updated November 20, 2019


Origins of IndUS

Leadership Team

 IndUS of Fox Valley has its origin in the Fox Valley India Association (FVIA). The first annual celebration, entitled IndUS-99 was organized under the auspices of FVIA, with Dr. Ramakant Shet, President of that organization, providing the leadership. Following the success of the premier event, a number of key leaders in the Indian community felt a need to establish an organization that would focus on strengthening the ties with the larger, local American community.

A charter meeting was held on March 2, 2001 and IndUS of Fox Valley came in to a being, as a distinct, separate entity. The organization was formally registered and incorporated in the State of Wisconsin, and soon after received its nonprofit status under Section (c)(3) Internal Revenue Code.

The IndUS Board has formally declared the year 2010 as the tenth anniversary year of the organization.

IndUS of Fox Valley